An art collection reveals much about its collector, and serves as a kind of self-portrait. This can also be said of Carla Sozzani’s collection, which sheds light on her aesthetic preferences and friendships.

Carla Sozzani, former editor-in-chief of Italian Elle and Vogue, has collected photographs for many years. Since 1990, she has also exhibited such works in her Milan gallery in close cooperation with internationally renowned photographers – including Helmut Newton four times, Ritratti di donna in 1993, Impressions, Polaroids in 1996, Us and Them in 1999, together with Alice Springs, and Yellow Press in 2003. The personal friendship between Sozzani and Newton led to the current presentation of her multifaceted photography collection at the Helmut Newton Foundation: Between Art & Fashion not only presents numerous icons, it also contains some surprises. Following venues in Paris and Switzerland it is now being shown in a new arrangement for the first time in Germany. Some of the photographers are represented with only a single print, others with a small group of works.

On display in June’s Room, on the occasion of the 95th birthday of June Newton, who worked under the name Alice Springs, are about 30 previously unseen portraits, selected from the foundation’s collection.

Selected Works