1920: born in Berlin as Helmut Neustädter; resides in Berlin-Schöneberg.

1930 until 1934: attends school at the Heinrich von Treitschke Realgymnasium in Berlin-Schöneberg.

1934 until 1938: resides in Berlin-Halensee.

1934 until 1935: attends the American school in Berlin-Schöneberg. After change of residence, attends secondary school in Berlin-Grunewald.

1936 until 1938: apprenticeship with the portrait, nude and fashion photographer Yva (Else Simon, neé Neuländer) in Berlin-Charlottenburg.

1938: flees Berlin via train at Zoo station towards Trieste, taking with him two stills cameras. Finds work in Singapore at the Singapore Straits Times.

1940: arrives in Australia and serves for five years in the Australian army. In 1946 becomes an Australian citizen.

1947: meets actress June Brunell, who poses as a model for him. They marry one year later.

1956: extended travels through Europe. In London acquires a one-year contract at British Vogue, which Newton quits after 11 months. Thereafter in Paris and return to Melbourne; contract with Australian Vogue.

1961: back to Paris, takes apartment in the Rue Aubriot in Marais quarter. Full-time position with French Vogue, occasional editorial photography for British Vogue and Queen.

1964: until 1966 editorials for French Elle.

1964: acquires a small house and vineyard in Ramatuelle, not far from St. Tropez, where Helmut and June Newton will spend their future vacations.

1966: renews contract with French Vogue under the new editor-in-chief Francine Crescent.

1970: June Newton (alias Alice Springs) begins her career as a photographer: when her husband is ill, she steps in to shoot a cigarette advertisement.

1971: Helmut Newton suffers a heart attack in New York. Convalescence in Lennox Hill Hospital, New York.

1975: first exhibitions of the commercially successful photographer: first solo exhibit in the Nikon Gallery in Paris.

1976: publication of his first volume of photographs White Women.

1981: Helmut and June Newton move from Paris to Monaco; they will spend the winter months in Los Angeles.

1990: awarded the French “Grand Prix National de la Photographie.”

1992: awarded “Officier des Arts, Lettres et Sciences” in Monaco as well as presentation of the “The Grand Cross of Merit” (Das Grosse Bundesverdienstkreuz) of the Federal Republic of Germany.

1996: commendation to “Commandeur de L’Ordre des Arts et Lettres” by the French ministry of culture.

2000: large retrospective for his 80th birthday in the New National Gallery (Neue Nationalgalerie) in Berlin that travels to London, New York, Tokyo, Moscow and Prague, among others.

2003: formal agreement on the establishment of the Helmut Newton Foundation in Berlin with the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation (Stiftung Preußischer Kulturbesitz).

2004: Helmut Newton dies in Los Angeles. The Helmut Newton Foundation is opened shortly following his death.


As a photographer who straddled the gap between art and commerce, Helmut Newton always managed to surprise and polarize his audience. Among the editorial staff of many magazines he encountered creative kindred spirits, who responded to his unusual visual ideas. The result was a body of photographs that was not only exceptionally recognizable and successful but also reached millions of viewers through magazine publications.

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