After the outstanding success of the three-part exhibition, Men, War & Peace, the Helmut Newton Foundation presents the work of its founder alongside that of two of his friends and contemporaries, Larry Clark & Ralph Gibson.

A selection of pictures that Helmut Newton published in his own magazine Helmut Newton’s Illustrated between 1987 and 1995 are presented for the first time as a complete exhibition in the front three rooms of the foundation.

The central exhibition room is dedicated to two (in)famous bodies of work, Tulsa and Teenage Lust, by the photographer and film-maker, Larry Clark. Created in the sixties and seventies, Clark revealed to us the world of teenage sex and drug use in a way that had been taboo up until that time. In this he was probably the most influential predecessor of well-known photographers like Nan Goldin and Richard Billingham.

Clark’s provocative book Tulsa was published in 1971 by Lustrum Press. This publishing company was founded by Ralph Gibson and through it he distributed his own photography books, The Somnambulist, Déjà-vu and Days at Sea, amongst others, as well as books by leading photographers of the day. A representative selection of B/W & Colour images from these and later projects by Gibson, are presented in the remaining exhibition rooms of the Helmut Newton Foundation. His timeless, subjective imagery is known for its formal and abstract composition.